Licensing Security Analytics with the Throughput based subscription
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Licensing Security Analytics with the Throughput based subscription


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Security Analytics


Broadcom Security Analytics has implemented a new licensing system based on throughput instead of the hardware purchased.  The license is purchased for the average capture rate per day averaged over 10 days. This license uses a different method than the perpetual license used in the past. Throughput licensing is only available in release 8.2.5 and later.

The old perpetual license will continue for those who have purchased it and who have not purchased the new license. There are advantages to the new licenses and your Broadcom sales team is the best place to determine if the new license fits your needs.

The new Throughput license allows your site to install as many instances of the application as needed.  The only restriction is the average capture rate per day averaged over 10 days.  The Central Manager feature is also included in the license and is highly recommended when there are multiple installations.


Release : 8.2.5 and newer


The system will need to be running 8.2.5 or later to use the Throughput license. Determine which license you are now using.  If you will be using the new Throughput license, you will need to download the license from your Broadcom Support portal and apply it.  The system will reboot when applying the license.

You can determine which license is in use in the About section in the GUI.  Look for the About icon in the top right section of any screen.  Select License Details.

For a Perpetual license, you will see a "Security Analytics Expiration" of Perpetual. See below for example.

For a Throughput license, you will see a "License Model" of Data Throughput. For example,


License Download -

  1. You will need to login to the Broadcom Portal with your username and password. 
  2. Select My Entitlements
  3. Select Entitlement Details
  4. Select Security Analytics
  5. Select the symbol in the column titled Licenses with the line that begins with a Serial Number similar to 0080391634. 
  6. At the bottom of the page, you will see a section titled Generate Licensing
  7. Enter a Passphrase, which will be needed later on the SA appliance.  It can be anything, but remember this passphrase.
  8. Select Download License
  9. Save the file to your desktop. 

Apply the license using the license file from above -

  1. In the licensing dialogue, you will need to select "I have a throughput-based subscription"
  2. Select Browse to upload the xxxxxxxxxx.bcl file from your desktop
  3. Enter the Passphrase used to download the bcl license file
  4. Choose the License Option of either Sensor or Central Manager.
  5. Select Auto Update License if you would like the license subscription automatically updated when the new subscription is purchased.
  6. Select Update
  7. The system should reboot with the new Throughput license
  8. The upgrade and licensing will be valid and the system will be ready to use. Verify this through the About > License Details menu

Please open a case with support if you have any questions.