One or more disks have reported a failure
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One or more disks have reported a failure


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Security Analytics


When the users login to the web user interface of Security Analytics they may encounter an alert as below:

"One or more disks have reported a failure. Click Info to gather needed information for diagnosis and replacement"

This is also referred to as "The Pink Banner"


There was a hardware event in the server or in the storage.


The pink banner notification indicating "One or more disks have reported a failure" indicates a hardware failure at some point in the past.  The most common problem is that a hard disk has failed.  It could also be a power supply, loss of power, cables, controllers, or a false positive on a firmware problem. 

To find the message that generated the error, you can look into the /var/log/messages log file.  This is where Security Analytics records most messages.  The most simple method to review the file quickly is to run:

grep HARDWARE /var/log/messages

If nothing is found, you can review the older logs by running as root:

zgrep HARDWARE /var/log/messages*

If there is a problem concerning, open a case with technical support.  Please include a CSR and an address for shipping purposes with a contact name and phone number.  Also, let support know if you will need a field technician to replace any parts.  If nothing is found or all events have been resolved, then the pink banner can be acknowledged and dismissed by pressing the X on the far right side.

Additional Information

On occasion, these pink banners will appear, but the problem may resolve itself.  The error message will not go away automatically.  It must be cleared manually.  You can try clearing the alert and if it doesn't come back, then there is no longer a hardware issue.  If the pink banner does come back, the problem still exists.