Rate issue in OWB always $1 even when Matrix is Correct
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Rate issue in OWB always $1 even when Matrix is Correct


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


In 16.0.3 and 16.0.3 patch #1, for many scenarios, even though there are rates in the matrix for the resources OWB still shows a Rate of $1

The associated table used to get the rate, nbi_proj_res_rates_and_costs has the correct rates/costs and OWB calculates costs correctly for ETC and Actual Cost when using the field and changing the type from Hours to Costs, the Rate still shows as $1

Clarity also calculates ETC Cost and Allocation Cost correctly.

Rate Matrix Extraction job is run with the first 3 options.

 - Extract Cost and Rate Information for the Scheduler
 - Prepare Rate Matrix Data
 - Update Rate Matrix Data


OWB Example:

Resource: LW Role

You can see the Rate: $1

ETC: 20

Matrix Rate/Cost for this role is $25

ETC ($) Calculates correctly as $500 though the rate is $1


Release : 16.0.3 and 16.0.3 patch #1


Reported as DE66946


This is fixed in 16.0.3 patch #2 and 16.1.0

Additional Information

This issue is also affecting projects opened with Microsoft Project.