How to suppress messages OPS1370H from SYSLOG
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How to suppress messages OPS1370H from SYSLOG


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


When WTOs are issued from OPS messages like below appear in the SYSLOG:

N 0000000 XXXXXX   2022277 15:06:50.03 JOB18703 00000290  OPS1370H NNNNNNNN X'0000' X'0000' X'0000' NONE  300 CICOPEN:   DFHCSD

S                                                         MESSAGE TEXT -




Release : 14.0


We don't recommend suppressing the message OPS1370H because it identifies the source of the WTOs.

However, if a decision is made to suppress it, first the severity has be changed from "H" to "O" or "J".

Here is a procedure:

1) Create an one-line REXX programT = OPSPRM("SET",OPS1370,"O")  

2) Execute the REXX from 1) with OI

3) Create and enable a rule as below:

)MSG OPS1370O  
return delete  

To make the change permanent insert in the OPSSPA00:

t = OPSPRM_SET("OPS1370","O")