How do I create a Vantage Alert using a Rexx program?
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How do I create a Vantage Alert using a Rexx program?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


I am using a REXX exec to determine the number of ALIASES that each user catalog has and am looking to execute a Vantage SAMSMG member from the REXX program, with the ultimate goal of sending emails and WTOs when there are violations (i.e., the ALIAS count for a given catalog exceeds some threshold).  Is there a way to do this? 


Release : 14.1


To accomplish the goal of sending emails for catalogs with over 'n' aliases defined for it, the 'Alias to Catalog Xref' (CATALOGI) object can be used where a SUMMARY object is defined for it using the field 'Catalog Name' to summarize on (and using the 'Value Method' for summarization).  The summary can also use the 'Count' to count the number of records with the same catalog name (i.e., this will thus be the number of Aliases defined for a given catalog name). 

This new Summary object can then be used to create a GOA script which can run once a day, for example.  This script would include a FILTER on the COUNT (i.e., number of Aliases defined for a given catalog), and choose 'select filtered records' to operate on.  Also, the 'Select All Records' and 'No Condition. Perform the Action on all Selected Records' can be used.  For the Action, the 'Send an Email' can be selected, and in this email the variables 'Catalog Name' (%%CAINAME%%) and 'Number of Records' (%%NUMBER%%) can be used to report on the catalog name and associated Alias count which exceeds the target threshold.  A WTO can also be configured in similar manner, and using object variables in the message, just as with emails.

During definition of the GOA script which is based upon the user created Summary object, the error message "User has insufficient rights to create or edit automation scripts." is issued, and creation of the GOA script is prevented.  This is caused by the user not having UPDATE access to the %%DSNPFX%%.AUTOSCR (GOA scripts) data set. Further details describing special user access needed for some of the Vantage data sets can be found Grant Authority for Data Sets Update  (see the section titled 'Maintain When Users Edit Data Sets').