Z16 compatibility
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Z16 compatibility


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I can see there is a requirement for CA spool to support Z16 as below showed : 

Spool 14.0

Fix Category: CA.Device.Server.z16

Structures defined in the Coupling Facility for Spool must be resized to 16M.

We defined the CF structure with INITSIZE 13M and SIZE 18M, do we need to change both of them to 16M?


Release : 14.0


IBM provides a site that helps you calculate the size of the CF structure. It's in the link below:


On this page, you need to provide some information. The required information can be found in the Spool documentation:

Multi-Access Spool (MAS)

From the link above:

The required size of the structure for Spool within the Coupling Facility may change when the CFLEVEL changes. The IBM web site provides a CFSIZER utility that can be used to determine the correct size at the current CFLEVEL. The following values can be used on the OEM page of that utility: 

List Headers - 8
Lock Table Entry Count - 8
Maximum Number of Data Elements per Entry - 64
Adjunct Data - No
Reference Option - None
Maximum Number of List Entries - 1
Maximum Number of Data Elements - 64
Data Element Size Descriptor - ELEMCHAR
Data Element Size Value - 2

Once you provide the information about and click in the "Submit" button you will see the recommended size of the structure.