XCOM in Windows/Unix/Linux and logon via Active directory
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XCOM in Windows/Unix/Linux and logon via Active directory


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XCOM Data Transport


During processing of remotely-initiated transfers, XCOM needs to impersonate the userid specified in the transfer request, for example, to access the files processed by the transfer.

Could XCOM process these logins using Active Directory services?


Release : 11.6


For Windows, when the incoming transfer request specifies the DOMAIN= parameter, XCOM requests a 'domain type' logon which Windows processes using Active Directory.

For Linux/Unix, XCOM may be configured to use PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) standard to process logons instead of using the local security. On its turn, PAM may be configured to process logons via Active directory.

This is setvia parameters in xcom.glb file:

  • AUTH_TYPE=PAM instructs XCOM to use PAM modules to impersonate users
  • PAM_PATH= sets the path containing the PAM library which will be used by XCOM. Note that the file name is set by XCOM depending on the platform where it is running.

This is documented in Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) Based Authentication section of XCOM online documentation