How to find Service Level Agreement for Email (SLA)
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How to find Service Level Agreement for Email (SLA)


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The definitions set out in the Agreement will apply to this SaaS Listing document.

This SaaS Listing describes Email (“Service).

Table of Contents:

1: Technical/Business Functionality and Capabilities
o Service Overview
o Service Features
o Supported Platforms and Technical Requirements
o Service Software Components

2: Customer Responsibilities

3: Entitlement and Subscription Information
o Charge Metrics

4: Customer Assistance and Technical Support
o Customer Assistance
o Technical Support
o Maintenance to the Service and/or supporting Service Infrastructure

5: Additional Terms

6: Definitions

Exhibit-A Service Level Agreement(s)


To find out what the Service Level Agreements and other information on working with the CA/Broadcom Support team please read the below PDF.