Smart/Monitor S0C4 abend load module RLXT during IVP execution from SJSINST.
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Smart/Monitor S0C4 abend load module RLXT during IVP execution from SJSINST.


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Smart Restart Smart RRSAF


Upgrading RAI server, Smart/RRSAF, and Smart/RESTART to r20.0.  All Installs and IVP jobs completed successfully
but encountering a problem Smart/MONITOR from from the Smart Jobstream Series Administration Facility from the
invocation of SJSINST.

Smart Administration Facility panel options:
3  Restart     - Configure Smart/RESTART product
7  Run         - Installation Verification Procedures
3  Menu 2      - Additional Smart/RESTART IVPs  
2  Monitor     - Start the Smart/MONITOR ISPF Dialog


The following error is encountered:

System Diagnostic Work Area (SDWA)              Abended Control Section (CSECT)
   Abended Load Module     ===> RLXT               Name          ===> RFATPIS  
   Module issuing ESTAE    ===> RFATMD             Assembly Date ===> 07/27/21 
   System Completion Code  ===> 0C4                Assembly Time ===> 17.56    
   User Completion Code    ===> 000                Abend Offset  ===> 0000012A 
   Abend reason code       ===> 00000004           Entry Point   ===> 1D8505C8 
   Interrupt code          ===> 0004                                           
   Program Status Word     ===> 478D0000 9D7AF6BA                              
   Register contents                                                           
           R0  00000000   R1  00134330   R2  00000000   R3  00000000           
           R4  1D7A1BF0   R5  000A3190   R6  9D7A1B70   R7  000A335C           
           R8  00000000   R9  00000058   R10 00000000   R11 000C4628           
           R12 9D7AF590   R13 00134280   R14 9D7AF69C   R15 000A3190           
S EsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssN    
  e PMV017 - Abend profile formatted from MVS System Diagnostic Work Area e    


Release : 20.0
Component : Smart/Restart


It was determined that the abend was caused due to missing load module RDHX.

During the based installation of the Smart Jobstream Series r20.0, FMID CRDXK00
was not installed.  FMID CRDXK00 was applied which resolved the Smart/MONITOR abend.

 SELECT (                               
  CRDXK00 /*REXX DB2 eXtensions (RDX)                             */ 

Smart Jobstream Series r20.0 FMID requirements:
FMID                    Description                                                                                                                       Additional Required FMID
------------               ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------              ----------------------------------
CRAIK00              RAI base, which is required for all RAI products                                                             CRDXK00
CSJSK00             SJS Db2 feature, which is required for Smart/RESTART and/or Smart/RRSAF             CRAIK00, CRDXK00
CRDXK00            REXX DB2 eXtensions (RDX)                                                                                         CRAIK00