TLS_GATEWAY_CP settings and behavior
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TLS_GATEWAY_CP settings and behavior


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


TLS_GATEWAY_CP settings and behavior 


Release : 21.x

Component : Automation Engine

Sub-Component : TLS_GATEWAY Agent 


TLS_GATEWAY for File transfers:

The Main functionality of TLS_GATEWAY agent is to facilitate file transfers between TLS & Non -TLS agents.

Please refer to the below documentation on how to load balance TLS_GATEWAY agents.

 TLS_GATEWAY agent as CP :

When you set TLS_GATEWAY_CP value to Yes in UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS variable – The TLS_GATEWAY would serve as a CP substitute. Acting as a CP is an additional feature and by design there is no way to load balance or choose specific TLS Gateway agents to act as CPs.

TLS_GATEWAY_CP key in the UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS variable is what defines the Behavior of the TLS Gateway agent when it comes to CP process.

If this is set to Y – then the TLS_GATEWAY agent will open up for a CP connection and listen on the port defined in the cp_port parameter in the agent .ini – If the cp_port parameter is left blank or commented out – It would still open and assign a random port to itself upon startup.

If set to N – Then the TLS GATEWAY agent will terminate any CP listen ports – Even if the CP_PORT parameter is configured in your agent ini – You will see the below message in the agent log 

U02000414 The administrator has disabled the CP port '2356', all agent connections will be terminated.

Note:  Although the TLS_GATEWAY agent can very well handle the transfers and also act as a CP - It is recommended to still run traditional CPs for non-tls agents to avoid complexity.

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