GCP DB backups: can they be shared with customer?
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GCP DB backups: can they be shared with customer?


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Clarity PPM SaaS


I would like to get a back up taken of my Clarity production environment. 
Can you please take a back up at your earliest convenience and share it with me? 



Please see the GCP Backup and Restore policy

Service Backup and Restore

Service backups are managed as follows:

  1. Recurring backups: A recovery point is automatically generated every 24 hours and consists of a full backup of all customer data and configuration.
  2. Retention period: Recurring backups are retained for 7 days. Backups past the retention period are programmatically deleted.
  3. Storage policies:

Backups reside only on network storage within an authorized Broadcom data centre

Removable media is not used to store backup files

Backup copies cannot be provided to customers or other third parties