AEWS call not working for end users
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AEWS call not working for end users


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CA Workload Automation AE


getting a 404 code when running the below command, I attached the error. 
Trying to run this through post man.  I think I need an auth token or something.


Autosys 12.X



The user did not have the WorkloadAutomationAEWebService assigned


The AWES service by default use Basic authentication.
As such a valid username and password must be provided that has rights to execute the REST API call.

By default user are not granted permissions to web services.
This must be done after the fact to grant this permissions.
Please do the following to validate the user has been given the appropriate permissions.
1) please log into EEM with the EIAMADMIN user name and password.
2) Set the application to be WorkloadAutomationAE
3) Then go to the manage identities tab enter the user ID in the values field and hit GO
4) click on the user name to bring up the properties on the right hand side
5) under application group membership make sure the user has the WorkloadAutomationAEWebService on the right hand side.
(If you do not see anything click the search button then highlight WorkloadAutomationAEWebService and click the right arrow)
6) Make sure to save the user if any changes are made.


7) then use test that the user has permissions with the following URL in a browser
(this should return a list of machines in XML format)

the URL you are using https://ld0105:9443/AEWS/event/ is not a valid REST API call.
Please see the documentation below for event calls

Please review the above and test and let me know if this helps resolve your issue.