TFTP Illegal request error in windows application event
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TFTP Illegal request error in windows application event


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On Domain Manager or Scalability Server there are some Windows event errors like
Source : sdmpcworker
TFTP: File<filename> Source<ip_address> Illegal request.
Why and how to avoid this ?


Client Automation - All Versions


Some computers are sending broadcast TFTP requests on the network. SD Boot server intercepts this request and as it does not understand the request, the error is logged in Windows Application event.


- If OSIM (OS Image deployment) is not used sdmpcserver plugin (Software Delivery boot server) could be disabled on the Domain Manager and/or Scalability Servers
caf stop sdmpcserver
caf disable sdmpcserver


- If OSIM and Boot Server are used, it is possible to configure it to not log TFTP request in Windows Application event.

Update the configuration policy applied on the Domain Manager or Scalability Server by changing this parameter :
DSM/Scalability Server/OSIM/ManagedPC/Server/Log TFTP file requests = False


By default it is True, change it to False and seal the policy.
TFTP request will not appear anymore in the Application Windows Event Log.