Gen APPLOAD explained
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Gen APPLOAD explained


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Inquiry about APPLOAD Includes in generated LINK DECKs as opposed to using regular SYSLIB DDs with auto concatenation. Why were APPLOADs introduced and why are they necessary for Gen LINKEDITs? Would there be any runtime performance improvement because of using APPLOAD DDs versus SYSLIB autocalls?


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Host Encyclopedia


APPLOADs were introduced as part of Compatibility, but can actually be found in 7.0/7.5 with the introduction of DLLs. APPLOADs are used so that Gen can be more precise about what modules are linked into the generated application. Gen does not let the linkage editor use the autocall feature to locate modules in the SYSLIB concatenation. Gen limits the usage of the auto call feature, where possible.

Gen's usage of APPLOADs has no impact on runtime performance since they are only used during the link-edit of the generated application.