Switch to the Edge SWG (ProxySG) Admin Console (SGAC)
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Switch to the Edge SWG (ProxySG) Admin Console (SGAC)


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The Admin Console is the next-generation web interface for the Edge SWG (ProxySG) appliance. Designed to help you manage and monitor the appliance more efficiently, the Admin Console is the successor to the legacy Java-based Management Console. Whether you are running SGOS 6.7.x or 7.x, you can avoid exposing systems to unsupported Java versions or critical vulnerabilities by switching to the Edge SWG (ProxySG) Admin Console (SGAC). 

In SGOS, the appliance's default web management interface is the Admin Console (the Java-based Management Console will still be available). In 7.4.x, the Management Console will not be supported. Manage the Edge SWG appliance using the Admin Console (and CLI, as needed). Broadcom will provide an End-of-Life (EOL) notification for the Management Console soon. Check the Broadcom Support portal for newly-published articles and announcements.


  • (Minimum) SGOS/Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) 6.7.4 and later
  • (Recommended) Edge SWG 7.3.12.x and later 
    Tip: In ASG deployments, use the Admin Console to manage the proxy configuration. For Content Analysis configuration, use the ASG web management console.
  • (Optional) Management Center 
    Tip: In versions earlier than SGOS/ASG, access the Admin Console through Symantec Management Center. To view and work in the Admin Console, ensure that all users have the appropriate read/write permissions in Management Center. For information on role-based administration in Management Center, and to download the Admin Console installation package, refer to Management Center documentation.

For the best experience, use the latest versions of the following web browsers:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox


To understand the benefits of switching to the Admin Console, refer to the following feature comparison.

Admin Console  Management Console
Run the console natively in a web browser with no need for additional downloads or configuration. You are required to download a JNLP file or create a Java application to launch the console.
Experience the latest web-based UX technology with a modern look and feel. The Management Console is Java-based and Broadcom has ceased updating it.
You can configure some newer features in the Admin Console, such as an external Web Isolation service (7.3.1+) and a UDP tunnel proxy (SGOS 7.3.4+). The Management Console does not include these newer features. If you do not use the Admin Console to configure the features, you must use the CLI.
(In versions earlier than SGOS/ASG Deploy multiple versions of the Admin Console using Management Center's packaging feature. See About Management Center Packages for more information.
Each ProxySG release includes only one version of the Management Console.
(Future release) Control access to the Edge SWG using a full role-based security model when using Management Center. You can control access to the ProxySG appliance using a local realm and an authorization policy. The appliance does not have permissions for specific user functions.


Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which console is best for me?
    Regardless of which SGOS version you are using, Broadcom recommends that you switch to the Edge SWG (ProxySG) Admin Console.

    Tip:  Management Center and later is preloaded with the latest version of the Admin Console for Edge SWG (ProxySG) and other Symantec products, as well as the Web Visual Policy Manager (VPM). If you are using an earlier version of Management Center, download and install the Edge SWG (ProxySG) Admin Console package on Management Center to access the Admin Console. Refer to the following documentation:
  2. Will I still be able to access the Java-based Management Console in SGOS 7.4.x?
    The Management Console is not available in SGOS 7.4.x and later. The Java-based VPM is also removed in SGOS 7.4.x and later.

  3. Can I keep using an older version of SGOS and use the Management Console?
    Although earlier versions of SGOS (6.x, or 7.3.x and earlier 7.x versions) still include the legacy Management Console and VPM, Broadcom is no longer providing updates to them. Broadcom encourages you to upgrade SGOS to a supported release and explore the features in the Admin Console.
    To upgrade SGOS, refer to the Upgrade/Downgrade documentation and the SGOS Release Notes that are posted with the release build.

  4. Why can’t I find some features in the Admin Console?
    To simplify your workflows, essential Edge SWG (ProxySG) features are organized into four high-level areas of the Admin Console (Dashboards, Reports, Configuration, and Administration). Navigating to some of these features in the Admin Console is different from how you access them in the Management Console. Other, less-widely used features in the Management Console are now available in the CLI only.