License / Maintenance costs for the targeted Hardware
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License / Maintenance costs for the targeted Hardware


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We are researching new hardware to replace our current IBM i hardware.

We have not selected a new model yet. We will still only operate one instance of the CA 2E software, plus a DR instance when needed.  This is the same as our existing setup.

I require information on what determines the licensing/maintenance costs of the CA 2E product.  This information will help us determine the CA 2E related costs.

What hardware or software variables determine these costs?

Is it the Software Level (P10, P20, etc.)?

Is it the total Core Count in a given model+processor feature combination?

Are there other variables we should be aware of?


Release : 8.6

Component : CA 2E


If the customer goes by the existing setup, for replacement of the hardware only additional variable is the Power Rating of IBMi Machine. There will be additional license costs if the customer plan to move to a higher power rating machine. 
If the customer plan to replace the hardware with the same Power rating as the machine, there is no additional cost. 

Is the "Power" rating of the IBM i machine the CPU of that machine?

The Model and Processor Feature information of the machine determines the power rating of the machine

If the power rating of the machine is not known, the customer can run the below 2 commands to find out the Model and Processor Feature information and send it to us. We can check and tell them the power rating of the machine.



Additional Information

The customer will contact their Account Manager to get Licensing/Maintenance cost estimation for their new Hardware class.