Configure IT Analytics to require HTTPS
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Configure IT Analytics to require HTTPS


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IT Analytics


What is the procedure for disabling HTTP port bindings for the IT Analytics application and configure it to only be accessible via HTTPS?


Release : 2.9.1

Component : Microsoft Internet Information Services


To disable the use of HTTP and configure ITA to only accept connections over HTTPS, follow this procedure:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Navigate the hierarchy in the Connections pane to <hostname> > Sites > IT Analytics Server
  3. In the Actions pane under Edit Site, select Bindings
  4. In the Site Bindings window, click the Add button
  5. In the Add Site Binding window, select the following:
    Type: https
    IP address: All Unassigned
    Port: 443
    Host name: Enter the hostname matching that used in your signing certificate
    Require Server Name Indication: Optional/not required by ITA. Refer to Microsoft's documentation for this setting.
    SSL certificate: signing certificate provided by you
  6. Click the OK button
  7. Click the Close button
  8. In the Actions pane under the Manage Website heading, select Restart
  9. Test connectivity to the site by pointing a browser to the ITA server hostname using an HTTPS URL
  10. If the connection is successful, repeat steps 1 through 3
  11. In the Site Bindings window, select the http entry and click the Remove button to disable access to the application via HTTP
  12. Click the OK button
  13. Click the Close button
  14. In the IT Analytics Server Home pane, double-click the SSL Settings icon
  15. Enable the setting Require SSL
  16. Click the Apply button in the Actions pane
  17. Under the Connections pane, navigate to <hostname> > Application Pools
  18. Right-click ITAnalyticsServer_AppPool and select Recycle