Appneta - Service Privacy & Security Commitment
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Appneta - Service Privacy & Security Commitment


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AppNeta DX NetOps


AppNeta takes your privacy seriously, and does not collect or use personal information from a visitor to our site unless the visitor intentionally provides it and consents to its use. This information is collected from those who consent to better meet the needs of the customer, and to improve the

quality and usability of our service.


To ensure that our commitment to privacy is clear, we operate our business on the following principles:

● Your information is your information, not our information.

● We never sell your information to anyone, nor do we sell information about you.

● We never share your information with anyone unless you explicitly tell us to, or explicitly give us permission to share your information.

● We never use your monitoring information to create a profile of you or target advertising to you.


What Data We Use to Determine Network Performance

AppNeta services consist of a number of forms of performance instrumentation, each of which operates in a unique fashion. The data used by each module is slightly different.

Network Path

AppNeta determines network performance by generating, transmitting and receiving ICMP and UDP packets for route and performance instrumentation, as well as TCP packets for additional route determination. These packets do not contain any custom or sensitive information about your network, computers or security settings. To perform this analysis, we identify the monitoring targets and the hops in between by IP address and host name. We do not gather syslog, device generated NetFlow or other data about the devices or traffic on the network. If you choose to do so, AppNeta can be configured to collect SNMP statistics from devices on your network—but only if configured to do so by the customer.

Location Information

Within AppNeta, you can enter the location information for Monitoring Points and the targets of monitoring. This data will be included in dashboards and reports within the user interface, such as Performance Maps and location-based groups. All address information entered will only be used for these presentation purposes and not shared with third parties.

Web Paths

AppNeta measures web application performance through the execution of synthetic web transactions. The overall performance metrics of these web transactions are tracked automatically, including the names and origin locations of all objects on all web page tests. The synthetic transactions that are performed are defined by the customer, and no pages or elements that are not specifically included in the synthetic transaction will be collected. Screenshots of web pages can be recorded to verify proper operation of the scripted transaction and when errors are encountered during the script execution.

Voice over IP and Video

This synthetic application traffic uses the same port and protocol as the application, but the payload data is random data designed to match the compressibility of the source application. No live voice traffic is sampled as part of voice delivery monitoring.

Application Usage

AppNeta includes the ability to analyze network usage and perform remote packet capture, which will record actual network traffic when and where you tell it to. Unlike the other capabilities offered by AppNeta, this capability does analyze live network traffic to perform performance analysis. This capability is not turned on by default, and requires a number of steps be taken before packet captures can be performed, including:

● The Monitoring Point be in the correct location on the network to perform the capture.

● The Monitoring Point be plugged into a bi-directional network span or tap port.

● A user with rights to configure a Monitoring Point must define a passphrase used for packet capture encryption.

● A user with “Advanced” or higher user access manually initiate a capture or configure one to

be performed in response to a service quality violation.

Network traffic will be analyzed and discarded, with a NetFlow v9 record generated recording the hosts sending and receiving traffic, the ports, protocols, data volume and application identified. No payload information or application information other than the application name is recorded as part of Usage monitoring.

Packet Capture

When desired customers have the ability to save the packets observed by Usage analysis into a Wireshark® compatible packet capture. These captures are done only when users manually initiate a capture or define a schedule for them to be performed. Packet information will be buffered in memory on the monitoring point and once complete it is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption using a passphrase that only you know. This passphrase is never known to anyone at AppNeta or our cloud hosting provider. AES 256-bit encryption is compliant with FIPS 140-2 and PCI DSS security requirements. All packet captures are stored within an encrypted file system with no customer identifiers of any kind within the cloud environment.

Deletion of Packet Captures

When a user with sufficient permissions requests a packet capture be deleted from the AppNeta service, the request is processed immediately. This results in the packet capture file being removed completely from the AppNeta service, typically within 60 seconds or less.