DLP quarantine path adds additional character count
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DLP quarantine path adds additional character count


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover Data Loss Prevention


DLP appends path information to the end of the defined quarantine path of a Discover Scan. Many times exceeding the  255 character limit many applications have in order to browse the quarantine folder.
Is there a way to control the length of that added string?

Example:  In a scan, the quarantine path is defined as:

When a file is quarantined, additional information is appended: "\\<path>\HOME04\example\Quarantine\SharePoint_Migrations\Sep 30, 22 9-41-03a"



Symantec Data Loss Prevention 15.x


Working as designed.  


We cannot limit what is appended. This information is hardcoded so DLP knows exactly where the file came from so it can return to the correct directory when it is released.
This path is specifically used by DLP (java). So the 255 character count limitation does not apply. 

However, if you try to look at the Quarantine path outside of DLP, like file explorer or third party products, then you can run into the 255 character limit.