IEW2230S error during endevor processing
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IEW2230S error during endevor processing


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An endevor processor creates an object deck which has to be later processed by the binder (either in a later step of the processor or in a subsequent job).

When processing that object deck, the binder fails with message IEW2230S MODULE HAS NO TEXT.


Release : 18.1

Component : Endevor


This error indicates that the object deck is empty, meaning that it has no ESD nor TXT cards. Therefore the binder cannot produce any load module nor program object from it and raises the error.

This happens because the processor program that has written the object deck (normally a compiler) has created an empty one. This is normally the result of a severe compiler error.

The processor should normally fail in this case due to the RC returned by the compiler, but the processor logic might cause it to continue (for example, by the MAXRC= keyword in the compiler step)

Another possible scenario is that the processor runs the binder to process an object deck created by another job and this object deck is empty.


Check the compiler report for errors preventing the compiler to create an object deck. The output might be printed among the outputs from the action or might be stored in a listing library.

If the processor is reading an object deck created outside the processor, check whether it is empty or whether it has some cards containing the mark 'TXT' in columns 1-3