Pie chart widget missing when exporting to PDF
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Pie chart widget missing when exporting to PDF


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


You are in Project>>Tasks and add three widgets to the Timeline view, one being a pie chart.  When selecting Actions>>Export to PDF, the title of the chart shows but the pie chart is missing

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to Clarity Modern UX (MUX)
  2. Open a project
  3. Go to 'Tasks' module
  4. Click on Timeline View
  5. Click 'Show Widgets' icon
  6. Click 'Manage Widgets'
  7. Click 'New Widget'
  8. Create and add a Number Tile widget
  9. Create and add another Number Tile widget
  10. Create and add a Pie Chart widget
  11. Click 'Actions'>>'Export to PDF'
  12. Once done, click 'Open'; you will see all widgets in the PDF
  13. Close the pdf and go back to Clarity
  14. Move the Pie Chart so that it is the first widget
  15. Click 'Actions'>>'Export to PDF'

Expected Results - All widgets will be visible

Actual Results - You will see the title of the chart but not the pie chart




Release : 16.0.3





Does not occur in 16.0.3 patch 1 and above.

Workaround - 

Usually the first export to pdf works, so if you refresh or navigate away from the Tasks module and then return resolves the issue most times.