CSM2ZOSM Certificate is expired or is not valid yet
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CSM2ZOSM Certificate is expired or is not valid yet


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Running CSM2ZOSM to migrate SMPCSI to zOSMF, received "Certificate is expired or is not valid" error.

** About to get zones for CSI predix.CSI                        
** Following target zones found: "CAIT0"                                       
**   z/OSMF Software Instance Single REST API Call (Begin)   **                
User defined values:                                                           
ZosmfUri = https://xxxxxxx.xxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx                                  
ZosmfUser = user01                                                         
ZosmfPw = xxxxxxxx                                                             
SafKeyRing = izusvr/IZUKeyring.IZUDFLT                                         
AddJson = : "name": "SYST", "system": "SYST", "description": "Migrated from CA
CSM", "globalzone": "prefix.CSI", "targetzones": : "CAIT0" :  :
*ERROR* (hwthconn) at time: 16:29:55                                           
Rexx RC: 0, Toolkit ReturnCode: 262                                            
DiagArea.Service: 1441793                                                      
DiagArea.ReasonCode: 401                                                       
DiagArea.ReasonDesc: Certificate is expired or is not valid yet              

** hwthconn failure **                                                         
ERROR Connection to the Server Failed                                          


The digital certificate information to be associated to zOSMF server need to be checked :

TSS LIST(zosmf server acid) DIGICERT(digicert name) 

DIGICERT = digicert name       ACCESSORID = zosmf server acid                          
 ADMIN BY= BY(acid )    SMFID(sysetm)   ON(08/06/2020)  AT(13:58:21)      
LABEL      = label_name                                        
STATUS     = TRUST                                                             
SERIAL#    = 02                                                                
ISSUER DISTINGUISHED NAME:                                                     
SUBJECT DISTINGUISHED NAME:                                                    
           CN=HOST NAME.OU=organizational-unit-name.O=organizational-name                                
PRIVATE KEY SIZE = 1024                                                        
PRIVATE KEY TYPE = RSA                                                         
ALGORITHM = sha-1WithRSAEncryption                                             
NOT BEFORE = 2020/08/06  00:00:00 UTC                                          
NOT AFTER  = 2021/05/17  23:59:59 UTC

Check the validity dates specified in "NOT BEFORE" and "NOT AFTER" to verify that the certificate is valid.
If the date is out of range and the certificate is not valid, REMOVE and GENCERT the valid certificate. 

TSS REMOVE(zosmf server acid) DIGICERT(digicert name)              
TSS GENCERT(zosmf server acid) DIGICERT(digicert name) -          
SUBJECTN('CN="HOST NAME" OU="organizational-unit-name" O="organizational-name"') -
LABLCERT('label_name') -            
SIGNWITH(acid,digicert) -