Management Center LDAP Test Connection Shared Secret
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Management Center LDAP Test Connection Shared Secret


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Management Center Management Center - VA


With the latest releases of Management Center (version 3.2 and above), administrator can  test an LDAP configuration without the need of Activating a newly Saved configuration.  


Management Center running supported version 3.x


Previous versions of Management Center, you must Saved and Activate in order to do a test of LDAP configuration.     


-  'Login User' and "LDAP password" in LDAP settings are the credentials that will be used by Management Center to bind in LDAP server. 

- When testing LDAP (or LDAPS) configuration, a Shared Secret is needed.  This would be the  "LDAP password" for "Login User " defined in your LDAP settings. 




Screenshot below shows the Login Test pop-up window after clicking the Test button under Primary Server.   The Shared Secret to be used for this LDAPS testing should be the password of the Login User defined in the Primary Server  .


Additional Information


The system does not make the shared secret available after it is saved.

If you have entered the Login password in the settings and have not yet saved your settings, the system auto-populates the Shared Secret.