Teleview license expiration and the anticipated action.
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Teleview license expiration and the anticipated action.


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What happens when Teleview license expires? Will the product continue to function after the license (LMPKey) expiration or will it shut down and not run?


Release : 4.4

Component : Teleview for Z/OS


If Teleview is active and the expiry date hits, Teleview will continue to remain active.
However, if for any reason it needs to be recycled / restarted and since the date of
expiry has hit, the product will not start. 

Additional Information

The Teleview 4.4 SP8 actions are related to LMP #FLOID calls.
  1. Teleview will make a License Check call during start-up processing, if LMP API returns then Teleview will continue to start-up. Teleview expects
    CCS LMP API to terminate Teleview and not return to Teleview,  if the license has expired. [Implemented in April, 1993]

  2. Post start-up, Teleview has a task that will do a LMP query check periodically, if the license is expired Teleview will continue to run,
    but will disable Distributed mode if it is active. Teleview expects LMP to display the appropriate message on Console and in the Job Log. [Implement March, 2000]
    The above was a
    change not to stop Teleview, if the license had not expired when Teleview started. This was a 2000 change for V4.4 post GA.