Is there a method to query the changes made to the Console Manager Database?
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Is there a method to query the changes made to the Console Manager Database?


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Console Management for OpenVMS


Need some help with an audit query about changes made to Console Manager configuration database. Is there any log or command to see what are all the changes made using CONSOLE EDIT /INTER=CHAR and when was it modified?

For example, we want to know when was the last time particular SYSTEM configuration modified or added in the database. 




Release : 3.1



There is no an audit trail or reporting function; however, Console Manager does create a new version of the configuration database whenever changes are made and saved. 

To discover when the last edit was performed, all that should be done is look at the dates of the file name CONSOLE_CFG.DAT which is stored in CONSOLE$DATA:. 

To see what has actually changed between versions, use the configuration editor to export different versions of the database to different text files. Care must be taken because it's not hard to accidentally over-write the current database with an older configuration:

    A. Execute the DCL command:

        $ console edit/inter=char

    B. The configuration editor will start, load the current configuration, and the following prompt is generated:


    C. Export the current configuration to a text file by entering the following command in the editor:

        CM Edit> export  current_config.export   ! Of course, any filename can be used.

         The editor will write the export file and return to the CM Edit prompt.

    D.  Load the previous configuration using the following editor command:

          CM Edit> use CONSOLE$DATA:CONSOLE_CFG.DAT;-1

          The editor will respond and prompt as shown below, but be advised that only the "in-memory" copy of the database

          is being over-written, so it is safe to answer "Y" as we do below:

               Read will overwrite existing database. Continue? [Y/N] (Y): Y   <---- Enter Y

    E.  Export the previous configuration that was just loaded by entering the following command when prompted:

         CM Edit> export previous_config.export    !Again, use any file name desired.

    F.  Terminate the editor by entering the QUIT command at the CM Edit> prompt:

         CM Edit> quit

         It is very important that the QUIT command is used so that the current configuration is NOT over-written.

   G. Use the OpenVMS "DIFFERENCES" command to compare the two files and view the differences between the two. 

        Using the example file names in the previous steps, the DCL command could be:

         $ DIFF  current_config.export    previous_config.export