CAH0001E No information was found for LPAR NM_ZIIP Health check error
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CAH0001E No information was found for LPAR NM_ZIIP Health check error


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We receive this health check error when a system comes up from IPL,
HZS0001I CHECK(CA_NM,NM_ZIIP@NETMASTR): CAH0001E No information was found for LPAR DEV1.

The documentation on the NM_ZIIIP lists these possible warnings, 
CAH0001E The check timed out while waiting for a response to a command.
NMH0117E The region, [name], is not configured for zIIP exploitation.

Is the CAH0001E message the same even with the different text?

Either way, what is the cause of the error and how can we resolve it? I'm assuming this is a timing issue with the system coming up, but I wanted to confirm. 




Release : 12.2

Component : NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


The initial error CAH0001E No information was found for LPAR DEV1 is likely due to a code defect.

PTF SO10844 states

The ZIIP Health Check reports a problem when the LPAR name and the
system name have different values. The ZIIP Health Check is using the
system name to locate LPAR information, it should be using the LPAR name.

The following Health Check LOW-DYNAMIC Exception is reported:
CAH0001E No information was found for LPAR NNNN

A Health Check is incorrectly reporting that a problem exists.

You can check to see if the PTF is active on your region by logging on to Netmaster, going to the Command Entry (CMD) screen and issuing


The RMID shows the current PTF level, for example

LIST PROC=$NMHC01Z                                                              
Z9OMLOBJ0 $NMHC01Z 20200727 220837 080100 001 DE1N 02285 ~RMID(SO14170)~00000001
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So in this case, $NMHC01Z is at a higher PTF level, which is fine.

If the PTF is not applied, doing so should correct the problem.



Additional Information

If the issue with the actual healthcheck persists, you will want to verify your Netmaster configuration.

The healthcheck itself is in all Netmaster product Administration Guides. 
The section is titled Health Checks, and shows the different messages that accompany the various health checks.
The CAH0001E message is always the same, but accompanied by an NMHxxx message indicating which healthcheck is involved.
The information for the zIIP drive is the last one on the page.

What it's saying is that your region does not appear to be configured to utilize the zIIP drives.

When a region is built usin the REXX procs, one of the fields in the panels gives you a choice as to whether or not zIIP drives should be used. This translates to a parm in the RUNSYSIN for the region, and in the SSIPARMS for the SOLVESSI.

The Product Region JCL Parameters section of the Installing Guide in the Netmaster Shared Library shows all parameters that can be used in the RUNSYSIN. This includes the parameter for whether or not to utilize a zIIP drive.

In short, the options are 

You can check your RUNSYIN member to see what is in use and modify as needed. 
This requires cycling the region to make the change.

Similarly, the SOLVE SSI manual contains a section titled Packet Analyzer and SOLVE SSI containing the related parameters found in the SSIPARMS, one of which also determines whether a zIIP drive should be used.

The options are the same

Cycling is required here as well to implement changes.