View - SARSTC with SARTPO44 Catalog error
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View - SARSTC with SARTPO44 Catalog error


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We have a problem with the View SARSTC being down on the following error:

SARTPO44  Catalog error on backup tape - DSN=xxxxxx.xxxxxx.SARTAPE.T0001413
SARSTC09  Archive Task terminated return code 0008

Actually, the tape in question, xxxxxx.xxxxxx.SARTAPE.T0001413 is not in the catalog, and we asked the CA1 storage team to catalog the SARTAPE.T0001413
We tried again to start SARSTC of View, but it had the same problem.

We tried to start it with OPT=STOPBU, but had the same problem.

We have a RC=8 and SARTPO44 indicating:

Catalog error on backup tape - DSN=DSNAME, RC=xxxx.xxxx
An error occurs when attempting to catalog the archival tape. The data set name, the return code, and reason code from catalog management are provided.
DSN= The tape dataset name.
RC= The LOCATE Macro return (rr) and reason (SS) codes.
The Z/OS LOCATE Macro return codes are:
4 Either the required catalog does not exist or it is not open.
8 One of the following happened:
The existing catalog structure is inconsistent with the operation requested.
The user is not authorized to perform the operation

How can it be verified that this is a catalog error on a tape which is the cause of this problem?
Is there a way to start SARSTC without access to tape?


Release : 14.0

Component :


A SARTPO44 RC=8.56 error implies that there is a security issue.  

The View SARSTC task requires UPDATE/ALTER authority to be able to write to the Backup tape HLQ. 

The client's security team had made a change the previous weekend.

They rolled back the changes, and were able to restart SARSTC successfully.