Cannot change password to user when there is a password policy
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Cannot change password to user when there is a password policy


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CA Identity Suite


When the customer tries to change/reset password to a user is seeing an error "corrupted buffer returned from server"

This issue is observed both when changing directly from identity, and changing from AD.

This problem only happens when the user matches a password policy.


Release : 14.3

Component :


This problem occurs when there is a new Policy Server instance added to the pool and does not contain the required registry entry ImsInstalled.


Install CA Single Sign-On Extension

Install CA Single Sign-On (CA SSO) extension to configure Identity Manager registry values in the Policy Server.

Follow these steps:
1. On the CA SSO Policy Server, shut down the Policy Server service.
2. Run the Identity Manager installer for the version that you are using.
3. When asked which components to install, select the Extensions for CA SSO (if CA SSO is installed locally).
4. Verify that the Policy Server service is restarted before continuing.
5. Verify that the following registry setting exists in the CA SSO Policy Server system:
          Verify that the following entry exists in sm.registry:
          ImsInstalled=8.0; REG_SZ
          Verify that setting "ImsInstalled=8.0; REG_SZ" exists in the following location: 

a. If the registry path \Netegrity\SiteMinder\CurrentVersion does not exist, create it manually.
b. If you change the registry, be sure to restart the Policy Server for the changes to take effect.
c. Before you modify the registry, perform a full system backup.

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