Unable to add aggregate interface on
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Unable to add aggregate interface on


Article ID: 250826


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Customer received "An interface member of a bridge cannot be added to an aggregate interface"


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This is a result of a bug where a reboot would cause the network bridge to be disabled for a quick few seconds and remain enabled even when the network bridge is configured to be disabled. In addition to that, GUI/CLI configuration would show that it is still disabled despite being enabled in reality. 

Note: Failure to add aggregate interface is just one out of many issues (e.g packets routed to wrong interface) that presents when network bridge is enable.


The fix for this issue is not out yet. However a workaround is in place which is to toggle (disable and enable) the network bridge.

1. Login to Management console GUI - Configuration - Network - Adapters - Bridges (tab) 

2. Select the appropriate bridge e.g "passthrough-2" and click "Edit"

3. Click on the dropdown beside "Mode:" and select "Disabled", click "OK" and "Apply"

4. Repeat step 1, 2 and 3 but select either "Fail Open" or "Fail Closed" to enable it again.