Unable to run install.bat file to upgrade the CA Advanced Authentication version to 9.1 SP3
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Unable to run install.bat file to upgrade the CA Advanced Authentication version to 9.1 SP3


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CA Strong Authentication


We are trying to upgrade CA Advance Authentication from version 9.1 SP1 to 9.1 SP3 to resolve log4j related vulnerability.

We are following the Broadcom documentation to perform this upgrade -


However as we run the install.bat (as local user as well as administrator) file from the file - Symantec-AdvancedAuthentication-Patch-9.1.03-Windows we are not getting anything in response.

We have found that the 9.1sp3 requires Java for upgrade as per the install.bat provided in the installer. As strong authentication 9.1sp1 does not require java we do not have any java installed on CA Advance Authentication servers. However we have java installed for tomcat which is on a different server where strong authentication AdminUI is deployed. Do 9.1sp3 require java for upgrade/functioning? 


Release : 9.1

Component : Symantec Strong Authentication
OS: Windows Server 2016


JAVA is pre-requisite to run the install.bat or install.sh upgrade files.


For the upgrade for Strong Authentication and Risk Authentication, these are the pre-requisites.

  • For Linux only, ensure you source arwfenv to set environment variables.
  • Ensure the ARCOT_HOME value is set.
  • Create a backup of the entire ARCOT_HOME folder and the database. 
  • install.bat or install.sh requires JAVA_HOME should be set as well because it regenerates the arcotadmin.war and arcotuds.war and for that purpose JAVA_HOME will be required.

If the JAVA_HOME Environment variable is not set or Java is not added in the PATH variable the install.bat/.sh will fail without pointing out the reason so please ensure above pre-requisites are met.