DX Netops Spectrum 22.2.2+ MySQL 8 Upgrade Considerations
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DX Netops Spectrum 22.2.2+ MySQL 8 Upgrade Considerations


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


22.2.2+ upgrades mysql to version 8.

There are some considerations customers should take into account before doing the upgrade.


Release : 22.2

Component: SPCINS - Install/Upgrade


  • It is recommended to take the ddmdb backup by using the mysqldump or ddm_save_legacy.exe utility before the upgrade.
    • From $SPECROOT/mysql/bin:  

      ./mysqldump  --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf -uroot -p<password> --databases db1 > dump.sql


      Example for Spectrum databases:


./mysqldump  --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf -uroot -p<password> ddmdb > dump_ddmdb.sql

  • To load the dump.sql back in:./mysql -uroot -p<password>  --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf < dump.sql
  • For loading ddmdb during the migration, ensure that the available disk space is thrice the existing ddmdb size.
  • Note the possible scenario that can cause an upgrade failure:
  • If the migration is performed using dbsavefile.mbi, which is saved by using ddm_save.pl, then the Archive Manager might not start. To resolve this issue, you need to migrate
    DX NetOps Spectrum
    using the dbsavefile.tgz file (saved by the using ddm_save_legacy.exe utility). Alternatively, you can also use the ddmdb saved by using the mysqldump utility and reload it after the migration.
Review the following FAQs:
  • Do users get a message that the upgrade will take some time during installation?
    There is no noticeable increment in the time taken for the upgrade.
  • For MySQL, should users expect a longer upgrade duration?
    No, no time difference in the upgrade has been observed when compared with the previous releases.
  • Will the installer run the MySQL backup? Or, do users need to manually run the backup?
    Users need to manually take a backup using the mysqldump utility and load it back once the migration is completed. There is no change in the upgrade process.
  • Will the installer in any way change or corrupt the existing ddmdb if users do not back it up before starting the process?
    For upgrades, there is no change in the behavior.
    However, if the migration is performed without taking a ddmdb backup, then users cannot load the 5.x version database (which is backed-up using ddm_save.pl) to 8.x. They may have to go back to the previous version and need to take a backup using the mysqldump utility or ddm_save_legacy.exe binary.
  • Will users receive any kind of message stating that the upgrade is not complete until they manually do a specific task?
    No, the users do not receive any message about the completion of the upgrade. They must verify it manually.
  • (MySQL 8.x) So the requirement for using mysqldump before the upgrade is to restore it post-upgrade only because mysqlbackup (ddm_save.pl) will not be able to do it. Once the upgrade is done, all new backups can be done with mysqlbackup (ddm_save.pl). Is this the correct behavior?
    Yes, mysqldump must be run on the existing environment if a user wants to install
    DX NetOps Spectrum
    on a new server (migration). No manual work is required for in-place upgrades.
  • Can users go back to using mysqlbackup (ddm_save.pl) once the environment starts running with MySQL 8.x?
    Yes, users can start using mysqlbackup after their environment starts running with MySQL 8.x
  • Can a user use a backup taken with mysqlbackup (ddm_save.pl) in 5.x and restore in 8.x?
    No, users cannot use a backup taken with mysqlbackup in 5.x and restore in 8.x. However, after upgrading, they can use mysqlbackup (coming with 8.x) for backup of the database.
Known Issues
Review the following known issues:
  • You cannot use ddmdb that is saved by using ddm_load.pl for migration. Instead, you can use ddmdb, which is saved by using ddm_load_legacy.exe. Alternatively, you can also use the database (ddmdb) saved by using the mysqldump utility and reloading it after the migration.
  • Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) migration using the OneClick install dialog is failing. As a workaround, take a backup using the mysqldump utility and load it back after the
    DX NetOps Spectrum

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