Incorrect Rate Being Returned in Investment Idea/Project Cost Plan
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Incorrect Rate Being Returned in Investment Idea/Project Cost Plan


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Clarity PPM On Premise



1. Set up Rate Matrix with date ranges and rate.

2. Go to Modern > Idea > Staff
   Populate Staff with Roles
   Allocate the roles in the Month grid.
3. Go to Idea > Financials > Cost Plans 
  Add Grouping Attributes(Resource, Role, Transaction Class)
  Click 'Populate from Allocations'
  Review the Cost(planned cost),Units fields

Actual Results: The Planned Cost shows amount is incorrect and the rate is calculated by (Planned cost dividedby Units)
Expected Results: The Planned Cost should be reflecting the correct rate.


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This usually happens when there is another match in the matrix which the cost plan row is actually matching.

Get the unit cost and then check in the rate matrix for the cost which is being returned.

You can sort on the cost field and then find the records that have that cost and see if your row is actually matching to that row (or if it returns several rows one of them)

Then you can determine if the cost returned is correct or if you need to make changes to the matrix or  the financial settings.


You can also use the following query to check if the investment or idea has the correct cost:

SELECT,, i.code,
PROJECT_ID, RESOURCE_ID, TASK_ID, TEAM_ID, TASK_ROLE_ID, CHARGE_CODE, from_date, to_date, last_modified_date, bill_rate, cost_rate
where and r.project_id =
--and PROJECT_ID = x
--and resource_id = x
order by RESOURCE_ID