missed HISTW or HISTM gets failure but manual CHECKPOINT edit required to get going again
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missed HISTW or HISTM gets failure but manual CHECKPOINT edit required to get going again


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MICS Resource Management


If your MICS unit JCLDEF configuration (ARCHIVE statement) is setup so that the stand-alone history weeks archive job (HISTW) and/or the monthly history archive job (HISTM) is required,
and the next-cycle’s WEEKLY and/or MONTHLY job is submitted before the pending (prior period) HISTW and/or HISTM completes,
the WEEKLY/MONTHLY job will fail with a U0130 abend.  
The MICSLOG in this case will contain the following ABORT error condition instructing you to submit the stand-alone HISTW or HISTM job. 

For ex. 
=====> *** ABORT ERROR ***
=====> The HISTM job associated with the MONTHLY job you
         ran on mm dd, yyyy has not yet executed.
=====> You can NOT run the MONTHLY job until the HISTM
         job completes successfully.
=====> Please execute the HISTM job and then restart the
         MONTHLY job.
This abort error then updates to the checkpoint file to M=000.
As a result, when a corrective-action attempt is made to submit the HISTW or HISTM job, the job will abend with the following message:
=====> *** ABORT ERROR ***
=====> One or more unit-level operational jobs failed.
       Monthly Archive History Flags:  MR ddmmmyy

What steps are necessary to remedy this failure condition such that I can correctly run the pending MICS HISTORY jobstream and then resume MICS unit database operation with the recovered WEEKLY processing job?


When a HISTW or HISTM job is required and has not been submitted before the next WEEKLY and/or MONTHLY job, the 
operational MICS WEEKLY (or MONTHLY) job will abort and set the checkpoint file to M=000. The MICSLOG instructs you
to submit the stand-alone archive job (HISTW or HISTM) but when doing so it will abend because of the checkpoint file being set to M_STEP=000.  


Manually edit the MICS unit checkpoint file and set the month/week step to 900 (ex.  M_STEP=900) and then resubmit the HISTW or HISTM job.  
And once the appropriate HISTORY job has completed, then you can resume the MICS unit operational job processing with
either WEEKLY or MONTHLY, as appropriate.