FAQS SCTY password rules
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FAQS SCTY password rules


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FAQS - Automated Systems Operation



What are the password rules like upper/lower case, numbers, special characters for FAQS




Release : 5.1

Component : FAQS Automated Systems Operation for z/VSE


The security for FAQS can be found:

FAQS/ASO Online Users Guide Ch 3 page 107 "User and Profile Security (SCTY)"

FAQS/ASO & PCS  VSE Installation Guide Ch 4 page 58 "Initializing Security" I also talks about the User Ids and Profiles.

There are sample screens here and you can also use the process to display your current environment.

Regarding passwords:

The password is only uppercase alpha or numbers. Special chars like !@#$%& can be used  but FAQS will not check these or prevent their use.

There is no limit on attempts to sign on.

A date can be set to force a new password.