Unable to reach device: WSS
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Unable to reach device: WSS


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG Management Center - VA Management Center


Management Center is showing an error message "Unable to reach device" under the Web Security Service (WSS) device when navigating to Network > Manage Devices.

When testing connectivity under the Connection Parameter tab. Connection Status shows successful. 

Management Center is able to push policy to the WSS.


Web Security Service

Universal Policy Enforcement 

Management Center


The issue was caused by Management Center losing connection to the WSS and the status getting stuck in this state.


To resolve this cosmetic issue. You will need to change the Health Monitoring State from Activate to Deactivate, then back to Activate Devices.

The process will force Management Center to reset the Health Monitoring State back to Normal.

  1. Select the Network tab.
  2. Locate the device that you want to activate or deactivate. See Filter Devices or Device Groups in a Permission.
  3. Select the device or group "WSS", and click the Operations drop-down list.
  4. Select Change Monitoring Status...
  5. Select one or more devices and click Next.
  6. Verify that Change Health Monitoring state is selected and select Deactivate Devices.
  7. Click on Run Now.
  8. Repeat all of the but you will need to select Activate Devices.

Note: The device status can take up to 30 seconds to change.

Additional Information

Reference: Enable Device Health and Statistics Monitoring on Management Center