Upgrade to 9.4.2 fails on CHANGE_MASTER_NAME Updating old to new values
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Upgrade to 9.4.2 fails on CHANGE_MASTER_NAME Updating old to new values


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


The following error is seen when running the 9.4.2 installation against existing data.

****  Automation Engine, Ip, User name, Oracle id - Do not match *****
      old_master=APWXQA  master=APWXQA
      old_ip=test12345.com ip=test678910.com
      old_user=APPWORX user=APPWWORX
      old_oracle_id=appworx oracle_id=appworx
      old_net_connect=@test net_connect=@test
Change Database to new values                      [N] ?Y

CHANGE_MASTER_NAME =       Updating old to new values
Fatal Error occurred - check the log /appworxdv/usr/install/aw_install.log


This error occurs during installation against existing data if there are any changes made to the master name, ip, os user, oracle id, or net_connect.

As you can see from the above example excerpt from the aw_install.log, the installation detected that there was a change to the master ip address. When a difference is detected, you will generally be prompted to "Change Database to new values" to which you should enter in Y for yes. However, in 9.4.2 this causes the installation to fail. . If there are no changes to the Master, IP, User, Oracle_ID, or net_connect values, then you shouldn't run into this issue.


This issue has been resolved in Applications Manager 9.4.2 Hot Fix 1. Please download the 9.4.2 HF1 from Automic Download Center - Component Downloads and run the installation to resolve the issue.