Disk speed utility script to check disk speed on a MOI Appliance
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Disk speed utility script to check disk speed on a MOI Appliance


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


As part of the performance study of MOI, we run a disk speed utility script to collect some performance data on a MOI appliance.   The attached zip file contains two scripts based on the Customer's installed appliance architecture:  

x86      disk-test.sh

s390x  disk-test.s390x.sh 

Instructions on how to execute either script is contained in the Resolution section of this Knowledge Doc. 


Release : 2.1



As part of performance studies on MOI, a script was created to collect some disk speed statistics on a MOI appliance. 

Please follow the steps listed below to create the disk speed test stats: 

Note:    The disk-test_1663861696391.zip file has been attached to this KD. 

Here are the steps to execute the script and produce the stats output to upload to this Case: 

* Download the disk-test_1663861696391.zip file to your MOI appliance into the /tmp directory

* Unzip the file using the  unzip disk-test.zip  command. 

* There will be disk-test.sh and disk-test.s390x.sh scripts extracted.   Only run one of the scripts based on your appliance architecture.   Either script requires that your appliance be shutdown before the script is executed.  

* Execute the moi-shutdown script.

* Once it completes, execute the  docker ps -a   command and ensure that all MOI services are stopped. 

* Execute the disk speed test script:  for x86:   sh disk-test.sh     or  for s390x:     sh disk-test.s390x.sh 

* The script will take 10 mins or less to execute.

* Once it completes, please capture the stats output and upload it to a Support Case. 

* Once the upload is completed, you can execute   moi-startup   script to bring your appliance back up.   All services should be healthy in 10 to 15 minutes. 


disk-test_1663861696391.zip get_app