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Unable to cancel tasks


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CA Identity Manager



If a task gets stuck in progress, I am often not able to cancel them. Sometimes the task shows as "In Progress" but all of the included events show "Completed," sometimes they show as "In Progress" but I cannot cancel them, and sometimes they show as "In Progress" but I can cancel the event but not the task.



Release : 14.3, 14.4, 14.5

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Canceling tasks may not work (will be in-progress) if tasks exhibit in-progress behavior. This is because the mechanism to cancel tasks must also go thru JMS and DB, and if JMS/DB is stuck for whatever reason, then that mechanism will never progress to conclusion. DB may not be stuck like JMS, but it may have trouble returning a locked event (which is what the IDM code does to retrieve task/event info).

So suggest we ensure tasks can complete, by this I mean that any underlying stuck behavior should be first resolved, ensuring future tasks can complete, and then attempting to cancel prior tasks that show in-progress.

That said, there are three mechanisms in the product to cancel tasks:

1. Cancel in progress tasks only checkbox from Cleanup Submitted Tasks

2. VST: button shown to cancel task.

3. Resubmit Tasks: cancel option.

All will fallback to TaskService's cancel method, which is called from Tasksession's cancel() method. Since the underlying mechanisms aren't any different, you may be better off directly updating the DB to change the state to say 256 from their in-progress state. But suggest you resolve any stuck behavior first - and this means ensuring all the performance areas outlined in documentation (including IM Perf guide) are covered.

Additional Information

To see button to cancel task in VST you might need to enable it like described here (LINK) under Cancel Tasks and Events.