Commands slowness on node with SSL enabled migrated to a new server
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Commands slowness on node with SSL enabled migrated to a new server


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


One of our servers with a Dollar Universe node with SSL enabled, was upgraded from Windows 2012 to Windows 2016.

Since then, we notice latencies when using this Dollar Universe Node.

This is how it manifests :

  • When we create a new launch, the "queue batch" field takes several seconds before displaying the queue
  • The command mode is very slow (either when launched by a uproc or manually in a cmd).
    Example : we have a Uproc planned daily to launch "uxdlt evt". It purges around 500 events in 17 minutes, bu when we "manually" purge these events from the Univiewer Console, "Job Events" window, it only takes a few seconds.
  • The very same on the equivalent server in Test performs well, so it's specific to one single server.
  • If SSL is disabled on this node, the command line performances are back to normal.


Release : 6.x



Unknown, somehow the cause was related to the SSL configuration of the node having being migrated from the previous server to the new one.



Disable SSL on the Node ( but this will impact all exchanges with other nodes in SSL as they will no longer be able to communicate with each other).


Remove all fles from "UNI_DIR_DATA\security" directory and then redo the SSL configuration from scratch.