Microsoft Exchange vs ProxySG
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Microsoft Exchange vs ProxySG


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


We are setting up a new exchange server (for emails) which needs communication to the internet from any source to our company's public IP through SMTP.

Is it possible to have this communication go through our proxy (we have 2 virtual proxies), if so kindly guide us on the steps required.


- One firewall exists between the internet and proxy, and another between the proxy and server.

- The server has its own private IP addresses, but will receive emails from a public IP; the public IP is also used for other services as well.


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For the request made, please be informed that there isn't a known and documented integration between ProxySG and an exchange server. 

Howbeit, the MAPI proxy Keep-Alive feature allows the ProxySG appliance to maintain the connection to the Exchange server after the user has logged off from Outlook. Determined by the configurable interval, the MAPI proxy checks the Exchange server for new mail. ADN Optimization allows the connection to remain warm so that when the user logs on again to Outlook, the number of retrieved bytes is lower, which provides better performance.

MAPI proxy remembers each user that is logged on or off. If the duration exceeds the specified limit, or when the user logs back into the mail application, the Keep-Alive connection is dropped.

For the "how to use" MAPI Proxy, on ProxySG, please refer to the Tech. doc. with the URL below. We recommend running SGOS 7.2.x.x and above for this implementation.

Microsoft doc.: