About Error 483
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About Error 483


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CA API Developer Portal


My question is regarding the error 483 and if it occurs only when typing in an existing organization name, or does it occur in other situations?




Release : 5.0.2

Component : API PORTAL


After talking to developers 

The error payloads looks like following: 



code: "Validation Exception" <-- indicates that entity failed one or more portal validation rules

detail:{ <--- in this section all fields that failed validation will appear

code: 483 <--- generic validation exception code

user.error.key: "error.validation.entity" <-- is handy string to use for client side validation, since it will be constant for all validation errors

fields: [ <---- Will list all the fields that failed the validation with corresponding error message


key: "error.validation.organization.field.notunique" <--- this indicates that organization name rule failed validation 








This is source code, as you can see 483 is generic validation error 

public static final E ENTITY_VALIDATION_ERROR = e(483,    "The request could not be completed due to data input errors.",    PORTAL_ERROR_KEY_NAMESPACE + ".validation.entity");



public static final E VALIDATION_ORGANIZATION_NOT_UNIQUE = e(7016, "The value for organization field must be unique.",    PORTAL_ERROR_KEY_NAMESPACE + ".validation.organization.field.notunique");


I would say use error.validation.organization.field.notunique in the fields to localize the message