Errors ENDIE440 and ISRZ002 in Endevor startup
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Errors ENDIE440 and ISRZ002 in Endevor startup


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Getting error messages displayed to the screen when starting the endevor or QuickEdit dialog:

 ENDIE440 Error:Invalid RC from LMINIT 8
 ISRZ002  : Invalid concatenation - More than 16 concatenated data sets not supported by ISPF.

Other than this, everything runs fine


Release : 19.0

Component : Endevor


This message originates in ENDIE440, which is a REXX EXEC called during initialization to discover the quickedit user extension routines in the CLIST and REXX libraries allocated by the TSO ALTLIB service.

The exec gathers the ddnames in use and, for each of them, uses the 'library management' services provided by ISPF to find routines named NDUSRXxx within it.

These services cannot manage a ddname having more than 16 datasets allocated to it. When this is the case, the message will arise.

Endevor will not search for extension routines in the affected ddname, but may still find them in the other ddnames defined via TSO ALTLIB. Therefore, the user may or may not have all the expected extensions available.


First of all, establish the extent of the problem:

  1. From within endevor or Quickedit, issue command TSO ALTLIB DISPLAY. Note the ddnames reported by the command
  2. Issue command TSO ISRDDN and see if any of the above ddnames has more than 16 libraries allocated. That is the one causing the message which will NOT be searched by Endevor
  3. From within ISRDDN, issue command MEMBER NDUSRX* and see whether any library allocated to the problematic ddname contains NDUSRX* members. If so, endevor will not be able to use them.

Depending on what is found in the above steps, the possibilities are:

  • Ignore the message if the NDUSRX* routines are not affected
  • Adjust ENDIE440 to not issue the message for the affected ddname if the NDUSRX* routines are not affected
  • Move the NDUSRX* routines to a ddname which is used by TSO ALTLIB and is not affected by the error
  • If possible, rearrange the allocations in the TSO logon procedure or endevor entry CLIST so that the affected ddname has less than 16 libraries