Per-Period Metrics 5 Decimal Places on Edit - 16.0.3
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Per-Period Metrics 5 Decimal Places on Edit - 16.0.3


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SUMMARY: On Financial plans, when per-period metrics for costs or units are clicked to add values, 5 decimal places show no matter what options you have chosen for the per-period metrics display values.

There are times when the row does not display any default 0.00.  In this case you can double click on the cell and no decimal places show.  However once the row is populated with 0.00 once double clicked 5 decimal places are shown.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1.  In MUX on Financials module go to cost plan
2.  Set Per-Period metrics for Number and make Money and Number decimals to 0.00
3.  If the plan already has rows double click on a period cell

Expected Results:  The cell does not show any decimal places when editing/entering a value

Actual Result: Cell shows 5 decimal places

The same functionality can be seen on the Staff or Resources grid module.  However here it shows 3 decimal places.

You may also see the error "Use 5 decimal places or less" or "Use 3 decimal places or less" when entering data into these cells

Note: When you create a new row and no values are populated into the cells you will not see decimal places.  However, once the cells populate with 0 (or 0.00) you will see the decimal places when you double click on the cell.

In prior versions no decimals would be initially shown on editing the cells.

Workaround:  None


Release : 16.0.3

Component : Clarity Studio


DE66622 - 16.0.3 Per-Period Metrics 5 Decimal Places on Edit, is now fixed via code change, and will be delivered as part of Clarity 16.1.0.