Endevor API - Listing elements in logical map sequence
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Endevor API - Listing elements in logical map sequence


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Using endevor API with LIST ELEMENT function.

The records returned correspond to elements that reside in different environments and stages

Would it be possible to have them returned following the logical map sequence defined in C1DEFLTS table?


Release : 18.1

Component : Endevor


LIST ELEMENT function returns the elements in the sequence they are obtained from the VSAM files, which does not match the logical map sequence.

However, the records returned by the API can be sorted using field  ALELM_RS_STG_REL (or ALELM-RS-STG-REL in the COBOL copybook). This is a 4-byte numeric field which represents the logical stage number within the map where the element was found.

This logical stage number reflects the relative position of the stage in the map defined in C1DEFLTS table so that elements from the entry stage in the first environment will show '0001', elements from the next stage will show '0002' and so on and so on.