Extract list of jobs without notifications
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Extract list of jobs without notifications


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Is there a way to get the list of Appworx jobs/processes which don't have a notifications setup on them?



Release : 9.4.1

Component :CA Automic Applications Manager


SO_NOTIF_SEQ field in the SO_CHAIN_DETAIL AND SO_JOB_DETAIL tables will have a value if notification is set.

To extract list of notifications not set, please run a select query against the SO_CHAIN_DETAIL AND SO_JOB_DETAIL tables where SO_NOTIF_SEQ field is null / does not have any values. 


Additional Information

The jobs (so_job_table) are related to the notifications (aw_notif_detail) through the columns so_notif_seq = aw_notif_seq.

You can have your DBA create a report to list all jobs with notifications which also gives a clube of the ones not linked.

SO_JOB_TABLE = Contains job definitions. This includes singles jobs as well as process flow headers

SO_CHAIN_DETAIL = Contains components contained within each process flow

AW_NOTIF = Contains the name of the notif and seq number.

AW_NOTIF_DETAIL = Contains the details of the notif including email addresses.

The process flows headers (so_job_table) are related the components (so_chain_detail) through the columns so_job_seq = so_chain_seq. The components (so_chain_detail) are linked to notifications (aw_notif) through the so_notif_seq = aw_notif_seq

The notifications (aw_notif) are linked to the notifications details (aw_notif_details) through the column aw_notif_seq