XCOM for Linux/Unix may fail to start after upgrading to R12.0
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XCOM for Linux/Unix may fail to start after upgrading to R12.0


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XCOM Data Transport - Linux PC


XCOM 12.0 might fail to start after upgrading from release 11.6 to 12.0 due to incorrect parameters in xcom.glb file

Using command 'xcomqm -r' to verify the xcom.glb file shows errors like:

1 ABC-root@def00001234:/root$ xcomqm -r

xcomqm warns that XCOM daemon (xcomd) is not up

ERROR: The value for the STAT_FREQUENCY field is too large.  Enter a value between 1 and 9999.
Error processing Global Parm on Line 133, <STAT_FREQUENCY=10000
>2022/09/09 15:31:08  PRG= PID=9921
    XCOMU0479W Error(s) parsing xcom.glb. Error processing Global Parm on Line  133, <STAT_FREQUENCY=10000

XCOMU0473E Error(s) parsing xcom.glb; xcomd cannot start.

The error may also arise for parameter TXPI_SEND_CHECK_FREQ


Release : 12.0

Component : XCOM Data Transport for Linux PC


As of release 12.0 the default values for these parameters changed from 10 to 100 as documented in the XCOM 12.0 release notes

To enforce this change during the upgrade, the installer edits file xcom.glb to change:


Unfortunately this process fails when the value is some large number starting with 10 so, for example, it will change '1000' to '10000' resulting in a value which may be too large for the parameter.


The installer will be corrected for versions of xcom 12.0 download material for Unix and Linux published after this problem was discovered (September 2022).

For earlier installers, the options are:

  • Before upgrade, ensure that the values for STAT_FREQUENCY and TXPI_SEND_CHECK_FREQ do NOT start with 10
  • Edit xcom.glb after upgrade to correct the wrong values so that xcomd may start


Additional Information

Check the XCOM documentation for description of parameters  STAT_FREQUENCY  and TXPI_SEND_CHECK_FREQ