The Nimsoft service is not starting correctly on the Primary hub
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The Nimsoft service is not starting correctly on the Primary hub


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


UIM Server's (Primary hub) NimBus service is not starting correctly on Linux

Current (suspect)  status:

Status when service is running properly





Release : 20.3, 20.4

Component : UIM - ROBOT


/etc/init.d/nimbus script is pointing to another robot instance


This issue is seen when the nimbus startup script in /etc/init.d is loading a different robot instance installed on the Linux server.

Check the /etc/init.d/nimbus script and validate that all nimsoft paths point to the expected robot instance, in this case the path where the UIM Server install resides.

You may need to edit two files.

First check for the presence of:


If this file exists then in here you will need to point to the root folder of the UIM installation, e.g. if the UIM installation is at /opt/nimsoft you would put "/opt" here.  If it is installed to /opt/CA/UIM/ you would put "/opt/CA" for the root path.



Next you must edit the file:


If the nimbus.conf above exists, then in here you will need to find several lines in the file with $NIMBUS_ROBOT_ROOT/(somepath)/ and you should edit these lines to make sure the path is set to the actual UIM folder.


If robot is in /opt/nimsoft then nimbus.conf would have NIMBUS_ROBOT_ROOT set to /opt and the lines in init.d/nimbus would be like:


If NIMBUS_ROBOT_ROOT is set to /opt/CA and the robot is at /opt/CA/UIM then:


Example screenshot:


In some installations, etc/nimbus.conf will not exist, and the path will be hardcoded into /etc/init.d/nimbus/ - in that case just change the paths directly wherever you see the incorrect path.