Why some INIT events delay long time like 15 minutes?
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Why some INIT events delay long time like 15 minutes?


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Some notices that sometimes the events configured in INIT activity notification delay for as long as 15 minutes. Why?


Component : CA Service Desk Manager - Performance/Memory leak/Process Crash
Release : All Supported versions.


If the INIT has many events all triggered at 00:00:00/instantly and  each event has multiple actions and many of the actions are SET type of actions which require exclusive lock on the ticket, then this configuration will lead a race condition that some events will be delayed for some time as the events/actions can't obtain the exclusive lock so they would need to write to mdb table anima and then later be fetched back to domsrvr to process and this cycle could repeat many times. Thus those events will delay.

For long term solution, client should consider spel code implementation that one spel code does it all. Spel code customization is not supported so client would need to write it or engage some third party consultant.

for short team solution, client would need to re-configure those events...which ones are critical and important should come first, then the next one 5 minutes later etc. For example, assignee assignment should be 00:00:00 and next 00:05:00 setting status and so on. So delay would be on the non-critical info.

Client would also need to archive and purge the following objects
notify log header
event log

regularly to keep the mdb healthy for the events.