Resolving errors with RC 85(001)
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Resolving errors with RC 85(001)


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This is a "sometimes" problem.  This batch job runs every night at 19:00. In the last few months it has failed maybe three times, which is three times too many. I have increased both the two DELAY times in my DBSIDPR macro to five (5) minutes.  My question is what should be done to make this batch job consistently be able to access the MUF?

MYSMUF:DB00121I - UNAVAILABLE - MYSMUF                                
MYSMUF:DB00122I - ACCESS TYPE - LOCAL    TASKS=1                        
MYSMUF:DB00123I - WAITING FOR MUF AVAILABILITY                          
MYSMUF:DB00501E - OPEN ERROR - RETURN CODE 85 (001) CXX=                



Release : All

Component : Datacom/DB

Component : Datacom/AD


The RC 85(001) indicates that there are insufficient local tasks to handle the request.


According to the MUF output, you have defined only 25 current tasks total. Of these 25, you have blocked off 20 of them for remote processing, leaving only 5 other tasks for any normal, locally-run work.

Without knowing your environment, having only 5 tasks available could be problematic. We have some clients who run 4000 tasks, so I believe you could be constraining yourself unnecessarily.

You need to recycle the MUF to change the TASKS value, so I would suggest maybe increasing the TASKS to at least 50, 100 or more, to account for any system or utility activities alongside your business processing. Increasing this number also increases the amount of concurrent work that can process, which could lead to improved run times and shorter batch processing needs.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.