Common errors found in errored session
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Common errors found in errored session


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We have mentioned the meaning of common errors found in errored session


Below are common errors found under errored session:

1. SSL(error): "SSL client handshake completion failure": The site will by default try to connect over port 443. It attempts to initiate a secure connection to a remote server. The site does not provide a server certificate, which is required for the SSL proxy to work.

2. SSL(error): "SSL server connection failure": There are several types of SSL connection errors that you may encounter while browsing the web. Some of these errors are due to server-side issues. In broad terms, SSL connection errors will prevent you from browsing a website securely over Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Your browser may allow you to proceed with the connection, but in most cases, it’ll tell you that you’re doing so at your own risk. 

3. HTTP(error): "OCS was unreachable.": tcp_error messages mean that the ProxySG was unable to complete the TCP 3-way handshake with the OCS i.e. end server. If ProxySG sends SYN and there is no response from OCS it will give the "OCS was unreachable." error.

4. HTTP(error): "The request HTTP version is invalid": If ProxySG doesn't support a specific HTTP version e.g. HTTP 2.0 and if it gets a request for HTTP 2.0 it will throw this error.

5. HTTP(error): "Unable to resolve server IP address with DNS": It's an inability to resolve a DNS hostname due to multiple reasons.